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Follow our 7 steps process on our platform

1- Upload Your Model (up to 10 different parts)

You can upload the following formats .stl, .stp (.step), .3mf, .iges (.igs), .obj, .wrl and .zip. Then selecte the units your model was deinsged with (mm, cm or inches)

2- Sign-Up with your email

Create your account with us to track your order

3- Check Your 3D Model

Check the model correctness. Don’t worry we’ll print it the optimal orentation 🙂

4- Select the Printing Technology

Select between FFF or DLP technology. Check out our “Learn” Page to learn more about each technology.

5- Select Material & Color

Based on the chosen technology, you’ll be able to select from the variety of Materials and Colors we have at LayLabs

6- Specify Printing Parameters and quantity

Select your layer thickness and part infill. Optimizing these parameters will result in the most economical price. We recommend not exceeding 30% infill 🙂 

7- Submit Order for Instant Quote

Review and Sumbmit your Order. You’ll recivie an email with confirmation and tracking for your order.

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